My Passion for Wine: Connecting People and Creating Memories

I have received so much pleasure from collecting and enjoying wine, whether in a social or business setting.

On my recent trip to Nashville for the Southeast Propane Convention, I shipped two cases of wine from my cellar to entertain our vendors and other industry friends and stakeholders. It’s the same tradeshow I walked with my Dad for over thirty years, where I began shipping wine from my wine cellar each year.

Then there’s the dinner last night with my forever love Paula, where we shared a nice bottle of Chianti with ravioli from Borgatti’s on Arthur Avenue. It brought back memories of my mom cooking pasta dinners on Sundays with our family, always with a Sangiovese wine from Tuscany.

And I’m looking forward to an upcoming dinner at Nick & Stef’s restaurant before the New York Ranger game, where I will bring a nice Pinot Noir or Cabernet from California. The maitre d’ and waitress anxiously wait to try the new and always different wine I bring on each visit.

For me, wine is much more than a hobby; it’s a people experience. It makes every day a special occasion, every meal sharing wine a new memory and a flashback to so many old ones.

It’s something to share with family and friends or business associates who have visited my wine cellar in Bronxville — or now in Rye Brook, NY. It’s the experience of bringing a bottle of wine or two to pair with a great meal at the thousands of restaurants I’ve visited from all the corners of the United States and always being ready to share.

Wines and people. New experiences and memories. Remembering who like Cabernets and Pinots from California, the Barolo’s and Brunello’s from Italy, Boudreaux and Burgundy from France, the unique wines from Spain, Portugal, Germany, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Australia, and other wine-producing regions of the World. A never-ending choice of great wines to share with new and old relationships.

Time is too short not to enjoy its pleasures. Whether wine or any other passion or hobby, it’s most rewarding when shared with the people we meet on our journey through life.

Thank you to all who have shared a glass of wine with me and a toast to choosing that wine that pairs best with the memories to come.

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