A Helluva Ride


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A portion of the proceeds from the book are going to The Boys and Girls Club of Mount Vernon, NY, an organization close to Joe’s heart.

PAT ARMENTANO, a son of Italian immigrants, became a legend to his friends when, at the age of nine, he saved enough money from his shoe shining business to buy his mother a refrigerator.

That was his first successful venture as an entrepreneur. It was far from his last. By the time of his death, he’d built the number one propane company in the Northeast.

Pat was more than a brilliant, self-taught businessman and salesman. His warm personality and engaging style were people magnets. You would want to be in his orbit, just to see him smile.
Pat and his oldest son Joe enjoyed a father-son relationship built on mutual admiration, respect, and love. Their bond deepened through the years as they grew their family business and met tragedies and crises together.

Joe Armentano’s memoir is a tribute to his father’s out-sized personality, his passion for life, and his remarkable ability to shake off failure and move forward. When the world served up problems, his answer was simple: just smile.


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Paperback, Hardcover

5 reviews for A Helluva Ride

  1. Mary Calvi, CBS News Anchor

    A fascinating account of how a business is born, Joe Armentano backtracks years to illuminate the very beginnings of one of the most successful corporations in New York. In his debut, Armentano offers very personal and poignant details of his path to success. Bravo to the author on a memoir that puts readers on a Helluva Ride.

  2. Linda Verano

    Hearing your Dad’s story and his parent’s story made me happy with their hard work and determination; they made a great life for their families…Your book really touched me. I wish you well in telling Paraco’s story of how it was started by a very smart man with a good foundation. Pat led his family into a business where you show employees and customers their importance.

  3. Larry Green

    They are an extraordinary rendition of events. Reading them brought back memories…

  4. Shane Sweet

    A good read, insightful candid and revealing.

  5. Dr Robert DeMatteo, MD – Pulmonologist St John’s Riverside Hospital

    As an avid reader of many different genres, I must say I was very impressed with many aspects of your book. It was so well written and interesting that I’m sorry their wasn’t more chapters to read.

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